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New England Shrinkwrap

Industrial Shrink Wrapping Service

“You think it… we’ll shrink it”


Machinery & Equipment Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping large, expensive pieces of equipment and machinery is an ideal solution to protect these items as they are transported over the rail, road, or waterways, or to provide a durable, weather tight cover for long or short term storage.  Whether you have one piece that needs to be covered or if you’re a manufacturer and have an ongoing concern, we can work with you to provide a professionally installed shrink wrap cover and ensure a smooth process during the preparation, rigging, and loading process.  

We take the time to properly prepare all items prior to installing the shrink wrap cover.  In many cases, this includes padding areas of the unit to prevent damage to the unit by the shrink wrap plastic and to prevent parts of the unit from damaging the shrink wrap plastic.  We quote these types of projects using 10mil non-fire retardant rated shrink film or 12mil fire retardant rated shrink film depending upon the situation and the need of the customer.  


If You Have A Project You Would Like To Contact Us About Please Send Us An E-mail with details to:

Please provide as much detail as possible such as scope of the project, location, anticipated date of need for service, photographs, and dimensions that are as accurate as possible.

You may also contact us at 401-439-6910 (non-marine only)