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New England Shrinkwrap

Industrial Shrink Wrapping Service

“You think it… we’ll shrink it”


Residential and commercial structures that have been damaged from fire or natural disaster can be secured quickly by shrink wrapping to help mitigate further damage and loss.  Whether an entire building or just a portion, shrink wrap offers a fast and durable solution that provides protection from the elements and helps to deter tampering.  New England Shrinkwrap can work with private parties or insurance companies to provide 24 hour per day, 7 day per week emergency response service to secure insurance claim sites with a shrink wrap cover.  

Shrink Wrapping Of Structures

If You Have A Project You Would Like To Contact Us About Please Send Us An E-mail with details to:

Please provide as much detail as possible such as scope of the project, location, anticipated date of need for service, photographs, and dimensions that are as accurate as possible.

You may also contact us at 401-439-6910 (non-marine only)